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Wilson Hearing Aids & Services success wall

The Danville  fine arts department was nice enough to let use use this photo for a newspaper add.

My hearing aids from Wilson Hearing Aids, let me hear my grandson better and the people at my other grandson wedding.

Wilson hearing aids

sponsored home made cookie 

for the Burlington Mississippi valley regional blood center

Criss Foss- Muscatine Iowa

For a Musician they are the best practice/tuning aids ever! You can just pull up some song on Youtube on your phone and it plays over your hearing aids only . You can play along with it and still hear yourself. Fabulous!

Mary was able to determine my exact loss and recommend the right hearing aids for me in my situation and with what I need. If you have any idea that you might have hearing loss, do not hesitate. Make the appointment at Wilson Hearing Aids and get a free hearing test,then you'll know. If

you do have hearing loss get the hearing aids. Don't be cheep, get the good ones. you won't regret it.and the personal service is first rate.

Inspiring success videos and why I use these manufacturers product.

Starkey foundation success 

Video provided by the Starkey foundation

Phonak patient success 

Video provided by Phonak 

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