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"Service before and af​ter the purchase."

My mother Jane founder of Wilson hearing aids always told me" Service is before and after the purchase." Another one of her quotes was "Clients will come and go but friends will return time and time again." Daughter like mother I try my best to remember those two quotes .

 Cleaning of hearing​ aids

wash your hand before and after cleaning them your aids to. 

We do cleaning all makes and models of hearing aids when possible. We have spare parts for some and we carry cleaning tools and supplies for many of our brands 

Hearing Aid Repairs

One to two week turnaround for

minor repairs

Minor hearing aid repairs for hearing aids in the office. More detailed repairs are sent out to a factory ​to be repaired ​

Free hearing evaluation 

Thank you for looking here are more services we do.

Free hearing evaluations

I believe that everyone if they want to should have a free hearing test. That is why I will not charge for hearing test. To have that knowledge of what one can hear or not hear can be enlightening. 

Repair & parts 

Hi I do carry some parts in-stock for different brand of hearing aids. If I don't have what you need I will try to find it. I can also send hearing aids in for repair depending on your insurance and warranties

Multi line dealer of hearing aids

Here at the store we can order many different styles, types and brands of hearing aids. 

Except for a few

name brands. 

Cleaning of hearing aids

We can clean your hearing aids for a small charge or no charge if aids are still in a warranty. I also have cleaning tools and can give you instructions on cleaning your instrument or you can

checkout the video link below

Programming aids

Here at the office programming hearing aids is the thing I do the most . I find customizing them to sound good for you is an important aspect of wearing hearing aids. Some times we can get it the first time but some not that is  why we have other sessions. 

Custom ear molds and plugs

assisted listening devices

We do custom ear plug for shooting, molds for factory workers,swimmers and musician.

We can get a wide range of assisted listening devices from our vendors items like phones,door bells,and dry aid kits are just a few . 

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